We get a lot of questions on the proper way to wash a boat. Everyone seems to have their special way to wash a boat. Using the right products and tools can make this process a lot easier. As far as products there are several different types out there, and we will get into that on a later blog. Right now we will guide you through on how to give your boat a basic wash. First, we like to walk around the boat and inspect for foot marks, black streaks, bird marks, etc. Sometimes you can’t see these once the boat is covered in soap suds. After doing a thorough walk through, its time to get your products. For a basic wash I like to have soap, a degreaser, brush, hand sponge, hose, and chamois. If I happen to see a black streak, I like to spray it with a degreaser first before getting the boat wet. So it’s time to wash the boat. I like to start from the top and work my way down. If you feel comfortable getting on your hard top, start there, if not start as close as you can to the top. After you make your soap mix, it’s time to start washing. Spray down the area(s) that you plan to wash. For the non-skid I prefer to use a course brush. For the smooth surfaces, I like to use a hand sponge. After scrubbing, spray thoroughly. Make sure all the soap is off the boat. At this point its time to chamois. Chamoing will help clean but also prevent water spots from showing up on your boat. Repeat this process through the entire exterior of your boat.